How much do you know Johnny Orlando
Johnny Orlando is a 13 year old Singer/Actor who has accumulated 580K on YouTube. In 2016 he was verified on Twitter (93K) and Instagram (364K). You think you know him ?
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1. How old was he when he uploaded his first cover ?
a 6
b 9
c 8
d 7
2. What is his favourite colour ?
a Pink
b Fuschia
c Cerulean
d Indigo
3. What is his secret talent ?
a Putting his leg behind his head
b Smashing a book with his head
c Moving his eyes fast
d Hopping his leg
4. When is his birthday ?
a 24/1/04
b 29/6/03
c 31/12/04
d 24/1/03
5. What is his dog's name ?
a Misha
b Bentley
c Lexi
d Marley
6. Where did he meet Hayden ?
a On the streets
b Millions of Milkshakes
c Instagram
d Chipotle
7. What is Johnny's favourite snack ?
a Cookies
b Milk Duds
c Brownies
d Cheese
8. What does VXIIXI mean ?
a The day he joined
b His birthday
c A bunch of letters
d A relationship date
9. What was his first TV appearence ?
a Cabury Creme Eggs
b Fading Light
c Nutella
d Tiny Talent Time
10. What lead role movie is he going to be in ?
a Fading Light
b Kung Fu Panda 3
c Bunyan and Babe
d Dreamer
11. How many sisters does he have ?
a 4
b 1
c 6
d 3
12. What his sister's names ?
a Lauren, Kayla, and Mylie
b Kylie, Maddie, and Sandy
c Lauren, Maddie, and Dakota
d Maddie, Darian, and Lauren
13. Which video has the most views ?
a Fancy
b Backpack
c Found my girl
d Cheerleader
14. What is his favourite shoes ?
a Vlado Lyte High
b Nike Roshe
c Adidas Yeezy
d Nike Hyperdunk
15. What is John's middle name ?
a James
b Vincent
c Jordan
d Verdent